Wedding Venues at the Key West Tropical Forest

The Terrace

The Courtyard

The Butterfly Garden

Venue Details

Type:Outdoor terrace with stage
Max Seating:200 with buffet, partial seating, no dance floor
Reception:150 with buffet, seating and dance floor
Bar Service:Available
Available:4:30 pm to 11:00 pm


Overhead lights provide a warm glow for dining and dancing. A stage will easily accomodate a large band, or a DJ if you prefer. A night sky glittering with stars will shine upon the wedding dance floor, lighting the dancers as they celebrate your special evening. Laughter and music will fill the night air as your guests raise their glasses in a toast to you both.

This venue can be used for both ceremony and reception, especially for larger parties. Restroom facilities are adjacent to the Courtyard.